19 December 2012

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - End of Year Train Wreck Underway

This is part of the end of the year book making. The stock market gaming is equally blatant. Short term these jokers can keep rolling, but longer term they will crash, and then attempt to make someone else pick up their tab.

Making the Innocent Pay for the Crimes of the Elite

Why do they do it? Because in this case, crime pays. And that is crony capitalism.

Geithner Told of LIBOR Manipulation in May, 2008

Below is a video of a train wreck caused by a mudslide in Washington, USA. Do you think they might have had a little more care for the composition of that hillside before it came down on a moving train filled with chemicals?

A mudslide from a hill of overhanging loose earth in a state noted for its precipitation. Who could have foreseen this?

Infrastructure. You don't need it while the profits are rolling in. And when it collapses, declare an emergency and stick the public with bill.

A similar situation is currently underway in the monetary composition of the US dollar. Gold is the video camera.

One major difference is that the jokers who are making the profits from the rail line of fraudulent financial instruments are also placing bets that the mudslide of fraudulent mispricing of risk will derail the train and cause a tragedy in the real economy.

Its a win-win, for them. And a serious loss for many.

How could anyone imagine that powerful, well educated and highly connected people could do such a thing? Have you been sleepwalking for the last ten years?