13 December 2012

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

A second day of capping efforts started overnight in the lean hours with notable selling by someone who was either stupidly liquidating a position in a dull market, or more likely a joker playing at Dr. Evil with a 10,000 contract sale.

Be that as it may, the children have come home from school, including the young University man, and are decorating the Christmas tree. The cooking for the holiday began in earnest today as the smells of anise pizzelle cookies and a large pot of sweet and sour meatball soup doubly blessed the house with delectable smells, mingling with freshly cut pine wreaths.

The sour cream based soup is a family recipe that came from the heartland of Europe, but no one seems to remember exactly where. But it marks the start of the holiday in our home. Even the dog sensed something special, marking out a rug in the kitchen as her domain, with a sharp eye for anything that fell to the floor. This is my idea of heaven.

Joy to the world.

Have a pleasant evening.