02 January 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - 'Why the American People Hate Congress'

The metals had a nice run higher, but gold was capped below 1700 and silver at 31.

Aside from the phony fiscal cliff, nothing has changed.

I am sure Chris Christie speaks for quite a few Americans as he slammed the Republican leadership of the House for their irresponsible inaction and duplicity.

I wondered if Governor Christie, and the people of his state and of New York, were being spanked for his walking the devastated cities and beaches with Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. No one likes to be Katrina'd. If so, Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor are even lower than I had imagined. I prefer to think that they are not malicious, just arrogant and detached from the common people whom they serve.

"It is why the American people hate the Congress."

I don't think anyone should 'hate' anyone else. Perhaps it would be better to say that this is why the Congress has historically low approval ratings of around ten percent. And they don't seem to care while they are getting paid by serving wealthy benefactors.

Does the government of Greece care what the people think? Egypt? Ireland? Spain? Join the club.

Some of the Congress should be encouraged to find productive employment elsewhere. And the method by which they are paid and funded needs serious reform.