14 January 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Fire Up the Crazy Train

This entire 'platinum coin' discussion was a bit surreal.  I was entirely disappointed with many of the arguments in favor of it. 

Be prepared to hear very conflicting views of the economy and the monetary system from various and so-called 'authoratative' sources.  Especially unsupported assertions and somewhat hysterical forecasts of doom and gloom, and just blatant talking of books.

The worst thing we have to fear is fear-mongering from those who lust for power.

If gold does get hit in a panic sell off due to the debt ceiling impasse, it could be a spectacular longer term addition to a portfolio.  It may not, as it is hard to tell how this will unfold at the moment.  There may be a sell off and then a flight to quality.  These markets are no longer reliable indicators and reflections of reality except for the long term.

I own no miners at this time.  To me that is owning bullion with leverage.  There will be a time for that.

The fog of currency war is descending.