05 April 2013

SP 500 June Futures Daily Chart - A Closer Look at Support and Resistance Levels

"This is what has been written: ‘M’ne! M’ne! T’kel ufarsin.’

And this is its meaning:
Numbered — God has numbered your reign and will end it.
Weighed — you are weighed on the scales, and found wanting.
Divided — your power will be divided and given to others.
Daniel 5:25-28

A well-tempered stock market rally/bubble.

The various support and resistance levels are apparent as well as the macro trend.

Take a look at the second chart below. If this is not a 'market operation' to inflate stock prices I don't know anything. 

At least you should have no trouble finding where we are on this road map, and when the wheels start falling off.  This is like a thrown rope.

A stock bubble financed by the Fed is a great way to transfer more wealth to the financiers. 

The US is a tale of two economies.  

Moyers:  Poverty in America Today.

Let's see how things go next week.

Very well-tempered, indeed.