19 July 2013

Chris Hedges On the Real News

The Real News is featuring Chris Hedges to inaugurate a new series called Reality Asserts Itself.

Here is part two of a seven part series. Part one is an introduction to Hedges himself.

I don't always agree with Chris Hedges of course. If we did, one of us would probably be superfluous.

I find his ideas and observations to be thought provoking, even where I might not agree because I prefer different approaches or methods of achieving what could be similar objectives.

There is nothing wrong with that sort of divergence. Indeed, I find a diversity of thought and methods, within some fairly well established historical bounds of human decency, albeit too often violated for the sake of a false necessity or expediency, to be the most successful ways of achieving significant results in the real world.

But difference is anathema to the minds of the ideologues and true believers of whatever position on the political and social spectrum, left or right.    And this is why they almost always resort to involuntary conformity of thought, and become increasingly intolerant of the other.