16 August 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Jackson Hole: Where the Elite Meet to Bleat - Stock Option Expiration -

Stocks bounced today. There was a strong desire to paint a little better looking candle on the weekly chart, and they were probably short term oversold.

There was no 'risk on' mood yet, just a little greed creeping back into the fears of the 'buy the dip' crowd.

This remains a highly volatile market, susceptible to endogenous shocks, even ones of a not exactly overwhelming significance in otherwise normal times.

Gold, silver and the Dollar pretty much went sideways, even with the additional volatility of a stock market option expiration.

The economic crowd will be gathering at the Fed's soiree in Jackson Hole next week.

I think we can expect to see quotes, even taken out of context, moving markets one way or another.

I may be out of pocket a bit more than usual next week. But I will certainly try to get a posting done each day.

The markets will always be there. Your friends and family may not.

Have a pleasant weekend.