10 November 2019

About These Most Recent Price 'Corrections' in the Gold Market

Here is some perspective.

First is a chart below of the three recent major price declines, bear attacks driven by concerted contract dumping by a bullion banks holding heavy short positions.   We know this by the volume of contracts being suddenly put forward on the 'sell side.'

And second is a comparison of the two major gold corrections from this year.

As you may recall the Spring 2019 gold correction resolved into a very brisk rally to the upside, as the shorts were squeezed by determined buying by large speculators.

Let's see how this latest price decline resolves.

And let us remember that eliminating and hobbling regulators does not result in freer markets and fairer price discovery, anymore than eliminating law enforcement would result in a safer and more orderly freeways, human nature being what it is, and what it is not.  Except in the propaganda put forward by the hirelings and mouthpieces of would be market manipuators and bankster serial felons.