08 July 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - I Hear the Rolling Thunder - Where Are We Going From Here

"When the person at the top is malignant and self-serving, unethical behavior cascades through the organization and becomes legitimized.

Narcissists change the companies or countries they lead, much like bad money drives out good, and those changes can outlast their own tenure, O’Reilly says.  Divergent voices are silenced, flattery and servility are rewarded, and cynicism and apathy corrode any sense of shared purpose in a culture where everyone’s out for themselves.  In the extreme, they can destroy the institution itself.

But the gravest danger posed by such leaders is that their malignant influence guides the behavior and expectations of others — and ultimately shapes the culture of the organization or polity in their own image. Studies of businesses show that self-serving, unethical behavior at the top cascades through the organization and becomes legitimized, or at least normalized.

“Once they’re in power, narcissists consolidate their position by firing everyone who challenges them,” O’Reilly says.  In their place rise a plague of toadies, opportunists, and enablers equally guided by self-interest and short on scruples. 'So you end up with these individualistic cultures with no teamwork and low integrity. We’ve documented this in a bunch of Silicon Valley tech firms.'”

Lee Simmons, Stanford Business, How Narcissistic Leaders Destroy From Within

Stocks managed to turn things around and provoke a risk on day, led by big cap techs of course.

The dollar moved lower. The US is making noises about breaking the Hong Kong peg to the US dollar 'to punish China.'


Gold moved higher and hit $1830 before giving way to some profit taking.

Silver was the big news as it finally cracked $19 and held it.

Let's see if it can hold that 19 handle.

Thunderstorms have been rolling across the northeastern US for a week now.

It is a natural outcome of the hot and steamy July weather.

And in another sign of summer, the local NJ sweet corn has made its debut at our local farm stand.

It seems likely that Trumpolini will not be elected to another term.  Our national masochism and gullibility does seem to have its bounds.

But it is hard to be optimistic, since the orange one is but a manifestation of the general tone in leadership, and the general lack of character of our elites.

Better spoken certainly, seemingly more empathetic, and certainly not so obvious.

Still, the corruption runs deep.  And the old guard from both sides has been thriving in this corrupt system long enough to be thoroughly rotten to the core.

But what is that to us, in the greater scheme of things.  The only real tragedy is to fall in with them, to be led astray, and when judgement comes, not to be a saint.

Need little, want less, love more.

For those who abide in love, abide in God, and God in them.

Have a pleasant evening.