29 October 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Wash and Rinse - A Reckoning and Reboot Is Coming, Slowly but Surely

 The GDP number came in (relatively) hot this morning, as expected by everyone.

Stocks were in a ranging mood, finishing to the upside.

Wash and rinse.   As expected.

Same for gold and silver.   

Neither plague nor recessions can stay these Wall Street curs from the swift completion of their appointed shenanigans.

The Big Cap Tech club was coming in with 'beats' on their earnings announcements after the close.

Except for Twitter which missed badly on new active users.

Let's see if the bulls can carry this risk on mood into the election.  I am skeptical.

Physical gold is scraping the bottom of the barrel in Hong Kong Comex. 

Let's see how that situation resolves.

Maybe these price shocks can shake some physical out of the big name gold ETFs.

Have a pleasant evening.