04 December 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Winter Is Coming


“In the middle of winter, I finally learned that there was an invincible summer within me.” 

Albert Camus 


“You felt secure in your wickedness.  ‘No one sees what I do,’ you think.  But your ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’ have led you astray.  And you so believe that, ‘I am the only one, and no one else matters.’ 

Disaster will overtake you, and you won’t be able to charm it away.  Misfortune will descend upon you, and you won’t be able to buy your way out.  A catastrophe will strike you suddenly, one for which you cannot prepare." 

Isaiah 47:10-11


"Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and vengeance, the punisher of pride and hubris, waits impatiently for her meeting with us." 

Chalmers Johnson


"There is a mysterious cycle in human events.  To some generations much is given.   Of other generations much is expected.  This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1936


The Non-Farm Payrolls number came in very light this morning.

Stocks rallied on expectations that there will therefore be more stimulus coming.

The Dollar rallied a few cents but failed to take back the 91 handle.

Gold and silver held their levels, which is not the usual case on NFP day.

Let's see what the next week brings.

Markets tend to be buoyant and quietly boosted in December.

 Have a pleasant weekend.