31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

"Lofty timbers, the walls around are bare,
Echoing to our laughter as though the dead were there.
Quaff a cup to the dead already, hooray for the next to die."

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Good Morning Fiat Nam

It is a mistake to underestimate the depths of self-serving policy error to which Wall Street and the ruling elite will sink in order to kick the can down the road and maintain their positions of privilege.  Every time I think they can go no further, I am surprised.  Shame on me.

The Fed has never seen a bubble it didn't like.  And if the trickle down isn't working, keep doing the same thing, but even more.   Tempting fate doesn't begin to cover it.

There was intraday commentary here.   Although I do not mention it, there may have been a veiled message in there for the people of Switzerland, to comply and conform their domestic policies to the monied interests.

Try to remember those who have passed away on this weekend, as has been the fourteen centuries long tradition in western Christian culture on All Saints' Day, when in 610 AD Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the memory of Mary and the martyrs.  And you might have a mind for those who remain in the struggle for justice and righteousness, All Souls, on the day after.  I will remember you, as always.

Quaintly foolish notions these days, I know, among those who would be as gods, or perhaps already are, at least in their own minds.

And may the odds be ever in their favour.

Have a pleasant weekend.


SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - The Fed Has Crossed the Rubicon

The Fed very deliberately stopped a market correction and managed to turn the equity markets around, very consciously, in order to end their taper without any negative effects to Wall Street.

Last night the Bank of Japan announced a more aggressive quantitative easing AND pledged a portion of their national pension fund to buying not only Japanese equities but also the equities of foreign markets.

The Fed and the Bank of Japan are back doing the money printing tag team and carry trades that carried the markets higher from 2002 to 2007 and helped to create the housing bubble and the subsequent financial crisis.

And it is obvious that Wall Street and the ruling elite have learned absolutely nothing. They go from crisis to crisis, with their delusions of power growing with each successful fraud. If there is another financial crisis and bailout, prosecutions may be among the least of their problems.

Right now the BOJ is exporting deflation to the US in the form of a strong dollar. This is not going to help a recovery, but Yen based printed money may help to swell paper assets.

This is a formula for disaster.


Bernie Sanders: Breaking Big Money's Grip on US Elections

Not likely with both major parties swilling at the Big Money troughs, during and after office.

The first step will be to get the politicians to care what the people think and want again, and not treat them with such casual disdain and contempt.

Breaking Big Money’s Grip on Elections from BillMoyers.com on Vimeo.

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - Good Morning Fiat Nam!

Good morning, Fiat Nam!

Thanks to Dave and Denali Guide for suggesting that greeting.

In case you were wondering what happened overnight, Kuroda and the Central Bank of Japan decided to significantly increase their Quantitative Easing.

As you may recall, the Fed and the Japanese Central Bank did a tag team of money printing in the 'recovery' in the 2000's as the US pumped up a housing bubble.

The Japanese said that in addition to buying more official debt, almost as much as the government can issue which is an overt money printing machine, the government has also indicated that they will use their substantial pension funds to buy more equities and REITs, including those of other countries.

I think Japan may eventually provide a good test of the theory that a sovereign that prints its own money can never default.   Japan's problems involve significant demographics, but a great portion is some of the worst crony capitalism and opaque government by insiders in the OECD nations.  It is this kereitsu corporatism that put the FU in Fukushima.

One thing that works in the people's favor is a favorable attitude towards the group backed by peer pressure, rather than a dog eat dog economy based on serial fraud, and commensurately a decent public safety net.  Or at least there has been.

Stock futures soared in the US and the Nikkei futures were limit up.  

Overnight the Russia central bank had to raise its interest rates to 9.5% to defend the ruble which was under pressure on the forex markets.  

And in what appears to be a somewhat counterintuitive move despite Dollar strength on Yen weakness, gold and silver were slammed down hard in thinly traded markets.

The pressure from the US and its client states is now shifting heavily to Europe and especially to Germany, to permit a similar move to quantitative easing in Europe.

China remains remarkably quiet for now. Eurasia is large enough I think to break away from the threat of financial repression. One wonders how far they can be pushed before they make that choice. Or perhaps it is already being made.

Interesting times.


30 October 2014

October 30, 1938 - Mercury Theater Presents The War of the Worlds

"No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices."

Edward R. Murrow, talk to his staff at CBS before See It Now, 7 March 1954 on Senator Joseph McCarthy

And 'The Night America Trembled' 1957

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Currency Wars

"The US must win, since it has infinite ammunition: there is no limit to the dollars the Federal Reserve can create.

What needs to be discussed is the terms of the world’s surrender: the needed changes in nominal exchange rates and domestic policies around the world."

Martin Wolf, Financial Times, 12 Oct 2010

I think this time it is Putin and the rest of the world who have said, 'nuts' to the demand for surrender.   And more dramatically, China and a few others are playing 'Go' and skipping the trash talk, while stacking their pieces where they will on the table. 

I spent part of the day musing on the philosophical dimensions of money and debt.  Perhaps that will bear fruit in a posting some day. 

But this whole notion of the 'limit to the dollars the Federal Reserve can create' is intimately tied to the disagreement among nations I among others have chosen to call 'the currency wars.'   The more theoretical that discussion becomes, the existential, the more Thomistic of a character it takes on with essence and accidents and all those things we sat through at university. 

At some point in time, an Alexander will come forth and slice through that Gordian knot; and in that most real of acts make all Platonic tolerance vain, and vain all Doric discipline, with my apologies to Yeats and the sangre de Cristo.

This is no academic exercise however.   The wise and unwise use, and the limits, of power are the lines on the pages of history's copybook.  Those who do not understand them are lost in the leaves, no matter how hard they may plough on against the turn of events.

So today could be viewed as an extensive bit of PR, and the management of perceptions.  And they did a job of it.  Shorter term the Fed has an impressive array of tools at its disposal.  Mostly they are good at destruction and illusion and not very good at justice and sustainability.  But they are very afraid of losing control, because when you rule something by fiat, control and perception of power is paramount.

Today was a rough day for the precious metals, with the financial powers-that-be trying to prove that the end of QE III need have no negative effects on their financial engineering of The Recovery™.

The greater the leverage or beta with regard to precious metals today the worse the decline.  That seems obvious, but some disregard that when structuring their portfolios.

For example, gold bullion is performing better than silver, which is more variable, or lively, to the up and downside.  And the miners and other leveraged means of owning precious metals have been taken out and beaten today.

PHYS has lost about .75%  and PSLV about 2.8% since yesterday.   But if one holds the miners, it could be much more. 

I am not in silver in the short term here and now,  but I did make one injudicious mining purchase yesterday, alas.

Let's see what happens.