03 June 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - History Lessons - The Worst Is Yet to Come

"Those who think our unhinged president’s recent mania about a murder two decades ago that never happened represents his moral nadir have missed the lesson of his life: There is no such thing as rock bottom. So, assume that the worst is yet to come."

George F. Will, June 1 2020

"The government is the potent omnipresent teacher. For good or ill it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy."

Louis D. Brandeis

“Now we are witnessing a transformation: a true opium of the people is the belief in nothingness after death, the huge solace, the huge comfort of thinking that for our betrayals, our greed, our cowardice, our murders, that we are not going to be judged.”

Czeslaw Milosz, The Discreet Charm of Nihilism

"I see. So they talk, pray, march, plead, petition and what do they get?  Cossacks, prison, flogging, police, spies, and now, after today, they will be shot.  Is this God's will?  Are these His methods?  Make war on your own people?  How long do you think they're going to stand there and let you shoot them? YOU ask ME who's responsible? YOU ask?"

Count Witte to Tsar Nicholas II

“Hate obscures all distinctions.”

C. S. Lewis

Stocks were on a tear today. The Nasdaq is reaching for its previous highs, and a new blow off top.

Gold and silver were hit very hard, in the general pattern of in the markets ahead of a Non-Farm Payrolls report.

Gold held at the support level of its trading channel. Let's see what happens for the rest of the week.

The house accounts of the major players are taking gold contracts.

The real Comex physical market in Hong Kong is very low on inventory.

The New York inventory is a joke.

Where is the rule of law here? Where are those vocal defenders of the Constitution?

And it is not yet even July. But things are proceeding as one might expect.

Don't join in. Remember whom it is that you serve, and how.

The madness serves none but itself.

Have a pleasant evening.

02 June 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Gold Clearing Report Continues to be of Interest

Stocks continued to drift higher today.

Momentum is a powerful drug.

Gold and silver were hit today. Those Banksters are a up to their shenanigans for NonFarm Payrolls a bit early.

The Dollar drifted lower.

Have a pleasant evening.

01 June 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Massive Action In Comex Gold Report - Rage From the Trumpy Bunker

"President Donald Trump berated governors during a call on Monday, calling them 'weak' and demanding they 'dominate' protesters with force after another night of uprisings in American cities.  The president told the leaders they 'have to get much tougher' because 'most of you are weak.'  The president repeatedly questioned the leadership of the governors, and asked them 'dominate' and target protesters, and to make use of the National Guard."

MEDIAite, Trump Berates Governors as ‘Fools’ and ‘Jerks’

"People who know nothing of God and whose lives are centered on themselves, imagine that they can only find themselves by asserting their own desires and ambitions and appetites in a struggle with the rest of the world. They try to become real by imposing themselves on other people, by appropriating for themselves some share of the limited supply of created goods and thus emphasizing the difference between themselves and the other men who have less than they, or nothing at all."

Thomas Merton

"Everyone knows that plagues have a way of recurring throughout history, yet somehow we find it hard to believe in the ones that crash down on us out of the sky. There have always been plagues and wars, yet they always take us by surprise. When war breaks out people say it's stupid and won't last long. Stupidity has a knack of getting in the way, which we would see if not wrapped up in ourselves. In this our townsfolk were like everybody else— they did not believe in plagues."

Albert Camus, The Plague

Stocks drifted higher still today, on exceptionally light volume.

They shook off the wave of protests sweeping US cities, as well as Trump's latest bouts of toothless rage against China and the realities of government.

There was a remarkable amount of activity in the Comex Gold contract for June. I include the clearing report as the first chart below.

Most of the 'house' accounts were buyers, with the notable selling exception in Citigroup.

These are momentum markets here, being shoved around by a few players with huge amounts of hot, easy money.

Momentum markets tend to collapse in a big way when they hit the right kind of exogenous event.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the 60's and early 70's, this is déjà vu.

But, history is a harsh instructor, especially for those who choose to ignore its lessons for long periods of complacent abusiveness.

We have only just begun.

The weather has been beautiful.  The yard and garden are beautiful.  Even the orchestra (of birds) is beautiful.  lol

Have a pleasant evening.

29 May 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Non-Farm Payrolls Next Friday

“Arm yourself with wisdom, arm yourself with knowledge;
folly is a fierce lion roaming the streets.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

“Yet what is expectation but a kind of folly, and what is that folly but an excess of hope?”

Alexandre Dumas

"Where are the princes of this world, and those who lorded it over the creatures of the earth? Those who made sport of the birds of the air, and hoarded up riches in which they trusted, and for whom there is no limit to their greed, those who schemed to get wealth, and were always anxious about their possessions.

But now there is no trace left of them. They have vanished down into the bowels of the earth, and others have risen to take their place."

Baruch 3:16-19

"Jesus asked him a third time, ‘Do you love me?’ And Peter said, ‘Lord, you know all things— you know that I love you.’ And Jesus said, ‘Feed my lambs.'

'Verily, verily, I say to you, when you were young, you dressed yourself, and walked where you liked. But when you are old, you will stretch out your your hands, and another will dress you, and take you where you would not like to go.'

And then he said to him, ‘Follow me!’"

John 21:17-19

Stocks were a bit wobbly most of the day, but rallied into the close when Trumpolini did not anything economically destructive in his press conference.

Gold and silver managed to climb a bit while the dollar finished largely unchanged.

Silver in particular has been staging an impressive 'catch up' rally for the past week or so.

I was out of pocket most of the day, so I am playing a little catch up of my own.

The young man is back here, and has started working from home in his new job. He is in 'quarantine' after his return from England.

There will be the May Non-Farm Payrolls report next Friday.

Need little, want less, love more. For those who abide in love abide in God, and God in them.

Have a pleasant weekend.