10 August 2009

Gordon Brown's Bottom and the Sale of England's Gold

Unrelated (perhaps not) to the English gold sale is this revelation about the gold reserves of Germany at around 7:25 in the tape .

This is of particular interest because Bundesbank has repeatedly denied the rumoured gold swaps with the the US Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) for 1,700 tons of gold, being held at West Point, NY with the designation "custodial gold."

Has the Bundesbank, like the Bank of England, sold (or lent if you will) half of its national gold reserves?

The other side of this rumour is that Bundesbank desperately wishes a 400 ton IMF gold sale to help it recover at least some portion of the 1,700 tonnes of gold which it has lent out to the bullion banks, who subsequently sold it into the market.

Why does it matter? It matters because of the lack of transparency of various Central Banks with regard to the size and timing of their gold sales, and their impact on the markets.

Its never really the initial act that is performed; it is the subsequent cover up and dissembling that brings down careers and governments.

"The most fascinating thing that I learned is that all the gold 'in Germany' is in New York."