28 June 2010

Gold Daily Chart and the Failure to Reform

Gold attempted to break out this morning hitting an intraday high around 1262, but was hit by concentrated selling designed to break the short term price trend. This is what is called a bear raid,

Each time gold attempts to break out, the shorts, in this case primarily the Wall Street banks and their associates, attempt to break the trend and push it lower. Each low is a little higher than the last, which is what gives the chart formation its shape of a rising triangle. As the energy behind the primary trend builds, the shorts must eventually give way and allow the price to rise, retreating to another line of resistance a bit higher.

Why is this happening? Why the preoccupation with gold and silver by the banks? Notice that gold and silver were exempted from proprietary trading restrictions for the big banks in the 'financial reform' legislation. The US government and its central bank view gold and silver as rivals to the US dollar, and 'the canary in the coal mine' that exposes their monetization efforts and threatens the Treasury bonds. It is characteristic of a culture that secretly abhors and dishonors the truth, paying lip service to whistleblowers while discouraging and ignoring them at every turn. "What is truth?" Whatever we permit to be discussed, whatever is published, and in the end, whatever we say it is.

There is a prevailing modern economic theory, probably best expressed in Larry Summer's paper on Gibson's Paradox, that by controlling the gold price one can favorably influence the interest rates paid on the long end of the yield curve. So as policy the US permits and even encourages the manipulation of key asset prices. Thus price manipulation of key commodities becomes a major plank in a program of 'extend and pretend.'

This to me typifies the policy errors and failures of Bernanke, Summers and Obama. They do not engage in honest discussion of the problems and genuine reform, preferring to attempt to band aid the problems, cut back room deals, and maintain the status quo to the extent that they feel the people will tolerate. They will be remembered in history as the high water mark in an era of corporatism, institutional dishonesty, and greed.

The parallels in the current situation with the Great Depression in the US are remarkable. FDR was a strong leader with a vision, and faced tremendous opposition to his reforms from a Republican minority and its appointees on the Supreme Court. He was considered a 'traitor to his class' and a champion of the common people.

Obama is also a traitor to 'his class,' all those who voted for change and reform which is what he had promised. But he lacks genuine leadership, vision, and moral courage, confusing leadership with empty words and gestures.

The Banks must be restrained, the financial system reformed, and the economy brought back into balance before there can be any sustained recovery.
Those well-to-do that promote cutbacks and austerity measures now without substantial reform merely wish to shift the burden to the many while feeding on the public's suffering. "Now that I've gotten mine, screw everyone else, to make mine all the sweeter." But when the shoe is on the other foot, they whine and cry and threaten until they gorge themselves on subsidies.

And those who promote stimulus without reform are merely seeking to maintain the status quo while transferring additional wealth to their own supporters and special interests, often in support of theories that they barely understand. Stimulus only serves to mitigate a slump, but cannot repair a systemic collapse.
"If you keep on gouging and devouring each other, watch out, you will be destroyed by each other. " Gal 5:13
No other forecast is necessary.