25 April 2012

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Jack of All Trades, And We'll Be All Right

The capping on gold and silver is hard to miss.

There was a fairly stiff gut check tossed at gold around the time the FOMC decision came out, but it bounced back quickly.

Paper and physical are in a bit of a struggle here, and so we see price winding tighter and tigher on the chart.

Intraday commentary on the financial system here.   Tavakoli 'tells it like it is.' 

Someone asked, why bother, why be concernedWhy be so concerned about reform?

"Even in a time of elephantine vanity and greed, one never has to look far to see the campfires of gentle people.
Lacking any other purpose in life, it would be good enough to live for their sake."

Garrison Keillor

That's why.   Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.