20 December 2012

Front Running the Apocalypse: A 40 Point SP 500 Futures Flash Crash

Maybe someone hit the wrong function key, intending to sell silver in size during a quiet market like they have been doing for the past few weeks.

Or maybe John Paulson is liquidating his equity position. (wink wink, nod nod)

A brief demonstration of Mutually Assured Financial Destruction if they don't cut Granny's pension benefits in order to save the 1 percent's tax cuts?

A junior trader pushed the 'liquidate all' button when he thought he was casting a last minute vote for Tate Stevens?

A particularly odious and obvious stock market manipulation for the option expiration tomorrow?

Front running the Apocalypse?

Uh oh. Boehner's Plan B was rejected by his own party (as if).

See what you made us do when we don't get our way, mommy!?

Bart Chilton, CFTC Commissioner, assures us that an intensive study of this event is already underway.

Sleep well...