29 April 2013

The Irresponsibles: The Bubble In Financial Assets Paper and Bernanke's Policy Errors

Here is the failure of the Fed as monetary policy and regulator with greatly expanded portfolio in one picture assuming that one remembers that stocks have risen back to all time highs.

The Fed has been stuffing its expanding Balance Sheet into the reserves of the Too Big To Fail Banks, where they and their Wall Street cronies use the funds to game the markets for financial paper and real goods.

If your goal is to support the one percent at all costs, then creating new bubbles in financial paper that they own makes perfect sense.    And as regulator the Fed promotes a lack of transparency, of financial secretiveness, of cronyism, and laissez-faire corruption that is deadly to healthy markets.

Reform is the only viable response.   And that is best measured by the levels of transparency and accountability.

But the public is no longer heard in the halls of a Congress and a White House dominated by special interest money. And so things become increasingly unsustainable.

"Based on the above data, how is the stock market fundamentally sound when earnings are collapsing? I guess the Federal Reserve is going to print profits for the S&P 500 companies.

Actually earnings are irrelevant when central banks all over the world including the Federal Reserve are juicing the markets with a sea of liquidity and where multiple expansion trumps real earnings or value."

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And from the RealNews: