05 June 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Tilt

There is an intraday commentary here that is essential to understanding how I view the current gold and silver markets.

At least for my own purposes I have pretty much made up my mind what is going on.  I summarize it in some detail in that commentary linked above. 

The world is sorting out the global currency regime, but money crosses many lines including those of political power and the distribution and creation of wealth.

For the short term, expect the unexpected. These markets are tilted.  Most if not all of them.  Those who have benefited enormously from the status quo are resisting change will all their might.  They fear the revelations of their duplicity as well as the removal of their sinecures.

There are big changes underway, enormous changes that will impact the world and be talked about and discussed for the next few hundred years.

So do not be disappointed if you do not quite understand them.  Most of the people confidently speaking about them do not understand them either.  Or in all too many cases, they understand what is happening, but their paychecks depend on their saying something else.  And quite a few are blinded by greed, fear, and a false sense of who they really are.

More people are starting to understand than the media lets on.  US Bullion Coin Sales at 'Unprecedented Levels'

The really big things in life are never understood well, except at a distance.  Trust breaks over a long period of time, but confidence collapses quickly.