06 June 2013

NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - Coiling Ahead of the Non-Farm Payrolls

They generally like to hit the metals on a Non-Farm Payrolls day.

Let's see if that pattern repeats. Stocks will likely move inversely to the report beyond some middle ground.

A great jobs report and stocks will likely falter some on fears of QE weakening. A weak report and stocks will likely rally back up into the trend channel on the QE gravy train express.

An in-line report and the market is up for grabs, which usually means higher these days. Expectations are for 160,000 net jobs added, with 175,000 coming from the private sector. Watch the revisions of the prior two months. They like to spin it there with upward revisions that take the edge off any misses in the headline.

Gold may not move inversely to stocks as it has been doing again recently.

I don't think the precious metals market will return to fundamentals until the paper gold/silver scheme falters.  Even a spike rally now is likely a cynical move to free up bullion for the short term so that the next wash and rinse cycle of manipulation can begin again without forcing the Comex into a default.