12 August 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - No Silver Money For Mexico, But Perhaps Gold For Eurasia

The amount of gold ounces stopped so far in August reached 478,800 the other day.  That is a sizable chunk of gold at the Comex warehouse.  But fortunately as you can see from the warehouse report, gold only enters, and rarely leaves.  Don't look at all that other precious metal flowing to Asia, probably never to return in our lifetimes. 

I don't want to beat it to death, but I think you know that I hold the Comex  in rather low esteem as a market for price discovery.  On the surface it looks like a confidence game, and there is plenty of collateral and circumstantial evidence to suggest that might be the case.

But what surprises me are those who believe the same thing, and then go and put their money down in that casino, and get taken for a ride. 'Oh yeah, silver is a rigged market.  And I just bought some November options on the Comex futures.'  Huh?  Its like the old story about a cowboy complaining about the crooked faro game in the local saloon, and then going there to lose 'because its the only game in town.'  Well, the Comex is not the only way to play.

I heard an interesting statistic today. It seems that more people in the U.S. die from suicide than from homicide. A sad toll of collateral damage in an empire of deception, death, and despair.

There was a report about Mexico being 'on the verge of tying their currency to silver.'  I quite frankly will not give it any credibility unless my friend Hugo Salinas-Price, who is the dean of the monetary metals for Mexico movement, tells me so in reply to the question I asked. I just do not see it happening, since Mexico still has such close ties to the Anglo-American banking cartels. 

So for now, let's say it is a scenario, and not particularly likely. (later: Hugo says "wishful thinking by someone")

More likely is gold assuming some sort of monetary reemergence which is as yet undefined, originated in the Eurasian economic complex.  That could go several ways, and not all of them favorable.  So let's see what happens with that.

And as for the Anglo-American central banks, you never give us your money, you only give us your funny paper.

Have a pleasant evening.