17 March 2012

How America Avoided A Fascist Coup in 1933

The plot was exposed by a highly decorated Marine Corps veteran and war hero, Major General Smedley Butler.

BBC Documenary on 'The Business Plot' of 1933 in which a powerful group of wealthy Americans attempted to set up an organization patterned on the French fascists and German Storm Troopers and overturn democracy and the Constitution.

If they had succeeded, and formed an alliance with the industrialists and bankers backing the corporatism of Mussolini and Hitler, then the world might appear very differently than it does today.

The Corporatists: Mussolini, Hitler, Mosley

The history of man is the history of crimes, and history can repeat. So information is a defence. Through this we can build, we must build, a defence against repetition.

What connects two thousand years of genocide? Too much power in too few hands.

Simon Wiesenthal