24 April 2012

US Leads Developed Nations In Percent of People In 'Low Wage Work'

This could be a good question on a quiz.

With regard to Victorian England I have seen estimates that show that almost 20 percent of workers were 'in service,' that is, were employed as domestic servants.

I see where they are already bringing back debtor prisons in the States.

And Australia and New Zealand are falling behind it appears.   Some stubborn fascination with equality no doubt, insufficient elitism.  

Research shows the US is a low wage country
By Mark Thoma
April 23, 2012

(MoneyWatch) - Recent research from John Schmitt of the Center for Economic Policy Research shows that the US leads developed countries in the share of workers earning low wages. The research also shows that increased wage polarization over the last several decades is one of the reasons for the large share of low wage-work in the US. The bars in this graph represent the share of workers in low wage work, where low wage work is defined as employees earning less than 2/3 of the median wage (approximately $10 per hour or $20,000 per year). In this category, the US leads among developed nations...

Research Shows that US is a 'low wage' country - Mark Thoma