29 September 2008

Bailout Bill Fails in the House

The Bailout Bill has failed in the house.

The popular voice has been heard as sentiment was running 99 to 1 against.

There was a motion to reconsider, but the vote has failed 205 to 228.

They cannot bring back the exact bill as it has been defeated, but they can reintroduce the bill with changes if they believe they can obtain the votes.

Now we'll take this to the next level, and most likely a Plan B. We would like to see an approach that better targets aid and does not give Wall Street a blank check. For once we would like to see a government plan that provides for more of a 'trickle up' approach that takes care of the people and allows the corporations to profit by adding legitmate value, not obtaining sincecures through devious maneuvers.

Keep providing your opinions and wishes to your elected representatives, because now the pressure from inside the Beltway will be more intense than ever. Whatever you wish, whatever your opinion, make yourself heard.

And be sure to vote in November.