31 December 2008

Must Have Titles for the Deflation Section of Your Financial Library

Deflation by A. Gary Shilling (Paperback - 2002)

Deflation: How to Survive and Thrive in the Coming Wave of Deflation by A. Gary Shilling (Paperback - 1999)

Deflation: Why It's Coming, Whether It's Good or Bad, and How It Will Affect Your Investments, Business, and Personal Affairs by A. Gary Shilling, 1998

After the Crash : Recession or Depression : Business and Investment Stategies for a Deflationary World by A. Gary Shilling (Paperback - Mar 1988)

The World Has Definitely Changed by A. Gary Shilling ( Hardcover - 1986)

Is Inflation Ending: Are You Ready? A Sober Look At the Prospects for a Decline in Inflation by A. Gary Shilling and Kiril Sokoloff (Hardcover - Mar 1983)
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