18 August 2009

The Gathering Storm: Stay Defensive

"...market is ahead of reality...worry about things particularly going into Ramadan on the 22nd (of August)...there are things gathering around here (the NYSE) that are kind of esoteric, but we could perhaps see historic trading over the next eight weeks...potentially a very exciting period." Art Cashin, 18 Aug 2009

Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, and Ben Bernanke have managed, once again, to place the economy on the edge of a chasm by pandering to Wall Street, which has a narcissistic short-term obsession with stuffing its pockets at any risk or cost, while the corporate media distracts the public with an outrageous parade of disinformation, delusion, and distraction.

The world markets are entering a period of high risk and volatility. No one knows for certain what will come. Professional traders are preparing for it by managing their risks. We are as well.