26 October 2009

Dumping Equities to Support Bucky and El Bondo Mondo?

As noted last week there will be a record issuance of US Treasuries this week by Team Obama.

So, could money be flowing out of stocks as a reaction to the dumping of support in preparation for the liquidity required by the notes, purposefully by design, as speculated by Denver Dave? In the manner of pushing the investor around, like the vegetables on your plate?

Or not. One can only wonder in this brave new world of opaque quantitative easing and Federal Reserve innovations.

A quick message of inquiry to Treasury Tim and Zimbabwe Ben brought no response, as they are tied up all day in a Working Groups meeting. Lloyd and Jamie are attending on speakerphone to maintain a low profile, obtain status updates, and provide direction as required to their staffs at the Treasury, the Fed, and their proprietary trading desks, not necessarily in that order.

But tonight, I will be having a beer, with the most interesting man in the world.

Unless he must do a new roadshow presentation for his creditors.

Stay thirsty my friends.