17 November 2009

Have Home Prices Only Fallen 1/4 of the Way to Trend?

Interesting chart to say the least.

Ben is pumping the money buttons so hard that the trend may be realized a bit higher in nominal terms once inflation kicks in.

But it may not yet be the best time to buy that new home, unless it is done for a primary residence, and with great care.

As forecast here several times earlier this year, commercial real estate will be a train wreck in 2010. That should help housing find another leg down.

New Observations.net
Values Have Fallen Only 25% of the Fall Needed to Reach Trend
By Michael White
November 11, 2009

PRICE TRENDS / WAR OF THE WORLDS (Part 4): Property owners nationwide have lost only one dollar for every four dollars they can ultimately expect to lose on their home...

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