20 March 2010

Debt Saturation in the US Dollar Economy

The debt must be liquidated and income in the form of real wages must increase to bring this relationship back into balance.

This is going to be a dangerous path for the US monetary authority to tread, because a misstep will lead to an inflationary spiral that will surprise most economists as did the stagflation of the 1970's, which up until that point was considered to be almost impossible according to the prevailing theory of that day.

The financial engineers will keep at this until they hit they wall. If we were not in the car with them it might be a more interesting exercise to observe. The answer of course is to get out of the car as best you can.

Think of debt as a surrogate for the creation of money, in its various forms, for that is what it is. What this chart is showing is that money being creating is aenemic, and a trend that looks very much like the 'law of diminishing returns.'

This is the well spring of monetary inflation, that is, the power of money to create some substance to back it. The more dollars that are printed, the weaker their backing, without an economic vitality created by savings, investment, and labor.

This is why I would say that the US dollar is an obvious death spiral. I would not say that its demise is inevitable, merely likely.

Chart from Nathan's Economic Edge