26 April 2010

SP Futures Daily Chart

The Federal Reserve and the Administration seem intent on creating another bubble, or rather reflating an old one in US dollar heavy financial assets, in order to prolong the mother of all bubbles, the credit in US dollars bubble.

They are doing it selectively, with the banks carefully apportioning the excess liquidity into financial assets held by a relatively fewer amount of Americans who own stocks, while savers are heavily penalized.

When the credit bubble begins to totter things will become quite chaotic, and the panic this next time around may be terrific, dwarfing that so-easily forgotten repentance and regret of 2007-8. More than panic: hysteria.

I think it is now too late for a real reform. The Democrats have squandered their mandate from the people, and the Republicans are crony capitalists marching in lock step with the Banks, who seem to be in control once again. But I could be mistaken, and would be glad if I am.

When the US dollar and economy roll over it will make quite a wave that will swamp many boats. But these things take time. Once they start to happen, it moves slowly at first, but then gains a momentum and becomes almost unstoppable.

I am not quite sure how much water the USS Leviathan has already taken on, and how big the hole might be. But I firmly believe that the iceberg has been struck, the damage done, and the process has begun. The lifeboats are being quietly provisioned and reservations taken for the officers and crew, and the upper decks.

Again, these things take time, and there is always hope until the end. But there is less and less that can be done as the process continues to unfold, with no serious repairs, and only distractions for the passengers, and encouragingly false announcements, from the bridge.

Don't feed the sharks. Wait for this to break support and trend.