21 April 2010

'Third Party' Liberal Democrats Jump Into Contention in British Polls

British elections became a 'three way' race as Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg electrified audiences in the recent televised debate.

UK Election

"Many will have learned more about the three main parties' policies in 90 minutes than they had ever known before. In an election in which trust and integrity are likely to prove crucial all will have had the chance to contrast close up and under fire the personal mettle of Messrs. Cameron, Clegg and Brown."
This speaks volumes about what is likely to become a trend and perhaps a preview of the US November elections in which incumbents drop and give way to a more independent and third party candidates.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg speaks in a recent press conference about banking reform and the Goldman Sachs scandal in the States.

I am informed by a UK reader that this poll understates the push the Liberal Democrats have made, and that in other polls they trail the Tories by only two points, or are at par.