16 May 2010

Rick Santelli: Paper Gold Defaults and US Dollar Distortions

It is questionable whether Rick Santelli, maverick commentator on CNBC, gave Larry Kudlow the answer he was fishing for.

Santelli brings up the question of a divergence between the paper commitments to gold ownership, with the claims outstripping the actual bullion available. Rick keys in on the ETFs, but other disclosures seem to indicate that the problem is much more serious and close than even he might know.

The other point he raises of course is the distorted strength in the US dollar because of the outmoded structure in the DX index. It is heavily weighted to the euro, yen and the pound, which is hardly indicative of the state of the world trade or even GDP distribution perhaps.

The problem according to Santelli is that this apparent strength is causing people to ignore developing problems in the basis of dollar denominated assets, and slowing the calls for reform, and the restructuring of the economy that will help it to withstand the cold winds that will start blowing shortly in the States.

Rare to hear the truth spoken on CNBC these days, and refreshing when it comes out.

These hidden shoals are the foundation of the panic to come. And when it does come, it may sweep aside the facade of strength and stability like a hurricane. It will certainly exposed much corruption, and the decay of justice and public stewardship.

h/t Stacy Herbert at Max Keiser