07 May 2010

Survey Says: The Western Financial Institution that Jim Rogers Is Shorting = JP Morgan

Earlier today Clusterstock carried a story that said that Jim Rogers Is Now Shorting A Major Western Financial Firm That Everyone Thinks Is Sound

So, Le Café Américain polled its customers all day, to find out what financial firm that you thought Jimmy Rogers was shorting.

The results are below. The actual results as they appeared in our window are on the left, with a rank ordering of the results on the right.

I have to admit a little surprise to see J. P. Morgan listed as the clear favorite.

If JPM were to fail, I think the NY Fed would have to formalize their relationship and take them over, if it can afford it. (lol). If JPM rolls over, I might be less interested in owning puts and inverse ETFs, and more interested in food, guns, gold, and a bible.

Seriously, I thought Morgan Stanley is the best pick of the better known names. If the PIIGS go under more than half their Tier 1 capital will be obliterated and they will have to be acquired by some larger bank, either Goldman or JP Morgan. What would their new name be, JP Morgan^2?

But it might be a lesser known candidate not even listed here, such as Banco Santander. Or even quixotically, the US Treasury. Who can say, except for the man himself.

Mais, les clients ont parlé.

Jimmy, feel free to email me with the actual name if you wish.