17 July 2010

Three Interesting Interviews on King World News

John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics on the Economy

  • US is in the structural change of an Economic Depression and is starting the next leg down.

  • Heavy dumping of US dollar assets is coming which will inhibit the Fed's ability to monetize and the Treasury's ability to issue new debt; this will trigger very serious inflation problems leading to genuine hyperinflation.

Ted Butler on the weekly action in the Precious Metals Markets
  • Friday's price declines on Friday were nothing but 'crooked dealers on the Comex trying to liquidate as many technical funds and speculative longs as possible.

  • You cannot rule anything out in a manipulated market, but the selling appears to be coming to an end.

  • In the Financial Reform Bill the Congress has given strong direction to the CFTC to look into position limits. (The CFTC now has all the tools they need to regulate the manipulation in the US markets, but I am not holding my breath while Gary Gensler is in office as Chairman. - Jesse)

Matt Simmons on the Oil Markets and the Gulf Oil Spill
  • BP has been lying and covering up the incident in the Gulf of Mexico from day one, because of the risk of criminal prosecution for gross negligence

  • People who live in the Gulf states are still in danger because of lethal methane gas. A hurricane may bring up a poisonous lake of toxic oil from the bottom of the Gulf. He believes that we might be facing one of the largest losses of life from a natural non-war related disaster.

  • The practical solution is a small diameter nuclear device to glass over the well bore. The nuclear device offers no risk.

  • The skimmers are only wiping up the scum but are not addressing the real problem.

  • BP will have to be liquidated to cover all the claims. Apache might buy the North Slope of Alaska which is a good development because BP is irresponsible. BP's stock will effectively become worthless.

  • BP continues to perjure itself and manipulate the press. They are distracting attention from the real problem which is a much bigger leak that cannot be controlled by this cap.

Both John Williams and Ted Butler make sense to me, since they talk about areas in which I have experience and adequate knowledge for a probability.

I do not know enough or have enough data to have an informed opinion on what Matt Simmons is saying. It is hard to believe that the government could be so incompetent to take the risks that he outlines. It should be relatively easy for the US Navy to lead an effort to ascertain if some of the things that he says is true.

If he is wrong, then his reputation and credibility will be destroyed. If he is right, the Obama government, BP, and possibly the corporatocracy will be brought down in a spasm of popular rage.

I sincerely hope he is completely wrong, and would have to view some of his claims with skepticism until proof emerges.

False flag in September, anyone? You just know that is being teed up as an option on Obama's policy plate by the neo-Machiavelians in his administration.