16 February 2011

The Next Two Years in the Financial Asset Markets - Emperadores en Fuego

As Ozzie Osbourne says, "All Aboard!" lol

The good news is that it will not be as straight down as this.

Joe Saluzzi gave a very good description of the character of this market today on Bloomberg.

Keep your hands and head inside the train at all times.

Don't worry. Trust in Ben and Tim.

And meanwhile in the Mideast...

Note:  Most people think of stocks as the be all and end all of dollar financial assets.  In the case of a burst of inflation or a hyperinflation, the equity market will soar for a time, although its gains will be illusory. So stocks are an insurance but not so much as you might expect if that is the outcome.  Try not to get in front of it, as phony as you might think it may be. But the stock market is of much less consequence as compared to the bonds and currency markets.   It is the three card monte to the bond and currency numbers rackets. The stock markets are the pretty lights and buildings that the tourists stare at while the carnies pick their pockets.

"Higher and Higher. What Could Go Wrong?"


"What a Beautiful View At the Top. We're the King of the World."

"Who Could Have Foreseen This?  Remain Calm.  All Is Well."


And if the Fed should make a mistake, the efficient electronic trading markets are designed to be self-correcting.