05 December 2011

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Light Volumes and Frivolous Day Trader Markets

“The world is short water, energy, & commodities. We’ve under-invested in our natural resources as a society and as a consequence, we’ll see higher prices around the globe.”

Mark Cutifani, CEO, AngloGold-Ashanti

Gold was hit early on, and silver shortly followed, despite the rally in stocks and the falling dollar.

This struck me as price manipulation tied to the settlement negotiations that are being done at the Comex as the December positions still standing get resolved for cash with a premium.

Later in the day all prices dropped, with stocks retaining some gains, on news that Standard & Poors would place all the Euro nations on ratings watch, with a pointed reference to the summit meeting later this week.

Speaking of debt, here is a chart showing the worst of the G10 nations in terms of total debt in their economy.  As you may recall, I hav said that before the US economy falters, the UK will go first. 

On Sunday I read The Hunger Games at the suggestion of she-who-must-be-obeyed in my role as the judge and chief taster of things that the household children might consume that could-be-of-a-questionable-nature.   This goes for books, movies, and food.   I am also in charge of spider and other unappealing creatures disposal. 

It was an easy story and diverting for those who like futuristic science fiction. While a bit dark it was not inappropriate for the 13+ set. I picked up books 2 and 3. I believe there is a film coming out on this book next year.