07 December 2011

What Is the Primary Trend In Gold?

The market maven Richard Russell often speaks about 'the primary trend' in certain assets and markets.

I speak of it as the fundamentals, and also the primary trend.

Someone asked, "What is the primary trend in gold?"

Here is the big picture chart with the trend marked in green.

The primary trend in gold is being driven by two major fundamentals:
1. The Central Banks were net sellers of gold for over twenty years. One can debate their motivations, but it did appear to be a coordinated effort to suppress the price, exemplified perhaps by the clumsy sale of the Bank of England's gold at what has become known as Brown's Bottom. The Banks have now become net buyers of gold, led by the BRICs and popular movements by individuals to safeguard their wealth from the changes in the fiat money systems.

2. The US Dollar Reserve currency regime, also known as 'Bretton Woods II,' is changing. What exactly it is changing into cannot yet be seen with certainty, but it does appear likely that it will be a basket of currencies and gold, and perhaps silver. The Anglo-American banking cartel is fighting this change, as it affects the basis of their power. They are seeking to control it and the evolving nature of the global money supply.

Change is coming slowly, but surely.
"All things flow, nothing abides. You cannot step into the same river twice, for the waters are continually flowing on. Nothing is permanent except change."

If you wish to find the unchanging, the perfectly complete and sufficient in itself, do not seek it in this world, but in something much greater than yourself, your money, and your diversions from the face of the eternal.