02 February 2012

Byron Dorgan and Bill Moyers: Making the Banks Play By the Rules

There was a lot of money thrown around Washington in the 1990's to make this happen, and the effort was shephered by a number of prominent financiers, regulators and politicians. Prominent among them are Phil Gramm, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Sandy Weill. And of course a willing President in Bill Clinton.

And the sad, sad truth is that nothing has really changed. The Banks were able to seriously weaken, if not cripple, the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill with a generous application of money and influece.

The people of the US need to find and elect an honest and effective President, and a Congress with a conscience and some balls to serve the public. Let's see, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama...

Oops, there's the problem. Time for Plan B? Or should I say Plan P?

Maybe voting all of the non-Progressive incumbents out of the Congress would be a way to send a message.

Byron Dorgan on Making Banks Play by the Rules

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