26 March 2012

JPM's Asia-Pacific CEO Leaving the Firm

The spokesmodels were crying insipid crocodile tears for Gaby this morning. "With all this regulation, it's just not fun anymore."

Yes, even plunder can become tedious.

Except I think this is part of a greater trend.

The American derivatives dealers and agents of fortune are leaving Europe and Asia, as the currency wars intensify, and the Banksters are sent home.

J.P. Morgan's Asia-Pacific CEO Leaving
March 26, 2012

HONG KONG—J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s chairman and chief executive officer for the Asian Pacific region, Gaby Abdelnour, is leaving the bank after 14 years and the building up of the bank's platform in China.

Mr. Abdelnour, 58 years old, will leave the New York-based bank this summer to pursue personal interests, according to a memo signed by Chief Executive Officer James Dimon and investment-banking head Jes Staley and circulated internally. The bank hasn't named a successor...