09 April 2012

JPM Trader Bruno Iksil Driving Derivatives Markets with 'Massive Positions' and 'Excess Capital'

A secretive JPM Trader in London, alternatively known as 'the London Whale' or 'Voldemort,' is distorting the credit derivatives markets with massive positions, and a willingness to move them advantageously in the markets.  It is a classic case of gambling with other people's money, in this case the excess capital provided by the Fed and the Treasury.

I am sure they are all legitimate hedging positions as Blythe Masters just asserted without proof.  lol.

There may be action on this, however, as JPM is hurting other trading desks and not the average person.  The public is prey but the financial powers take care of their own.

JPM is TBTF (Too Big To Fail) and TCTP (Too Connected To Prosecute).

This must seem ironic given Jamie Dimon's recent 38 page letter complaining about regulations which are stifling his firm.  See this Bill Moyers interview with Paul Volcker about 'Gambling with Other People's Money.

London and NY are the centers of global market abuse, particularly London which provides a haven for privileged abuse.

JP Morgan has to all appearances been distorting various markets for years with impunity. They dominate the silver market with opaque positions and have been the subject of an inquiry by the CFTC which has been quietly stalled for years, most likely based on their political influence and government ties.

If the full truth ever comes out it may be a scandal larger than Enron, Lincoln Savings, and Madoff combined. And that is why it likely will not ever be fully revealed, because it compromises so many in the political and financial establishment. It is a premier example of the credibility trap that is stifling genuine reform and real economic recovery.

JP Morgan Trader's Heft Distorting Markets - The Times of India