16 May 2012

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Facebook Cometh Tomorrow Night

Leaving a bit early today. Will catch up tomorrow.

Facebook will price after the bell tomorrow. Expectations are for about $36 per share or so.

There was some interesting hypocrisy on Capitol Hill this morning by the Republicans who are red-faced over the JPM antics, since they have been adamant about turning back regulations.

A friend sent this in to my email.  I did not see it, so I do not know if it is literally true, but if so I thought my friend's observation was brilliant.
I watched part of a press conference today where the NYPD commissioner said, with a straight face, that a $50,000 SUV, stolen in NYC, could be sold in Africa for $150,000. Not surprisingly, not a single person there asked him why, if that was true, someone didn’t simply buy the vehicles and ship them there legally.