03 June 2012

Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

The video starts after the introductions.

"Unfettered, unregulated capitalism...turns everything into a commodity, human beings become commodities, the natural world becomes a commodity, that it exploits until exhaustion or collapse. In essence it cannibalizes itself, and this is the process that we are undergoing."

Chris Hedges

The essence of statism, of the far left or the far right, is to objectify the individual and diminish their value to some measurement held by the state itself.

This is what can turn market captialism into corporatism and then fascism, often in a reaction against the rising of the people against economic repression of crony capitalism and corruption.

Hedges helps to illustrate this. He is certainly further to the left of my own more centrist views, but I find his perspective interesting. And certainly a refreshing perspective given the corporatist and dehumanizing skew to most modern American dialogue where all creation is weighed in the balance of money.