08 August 2012

Lawyers and Banks Offer a Full Range of Elite Criminal Services

There is a two-tiered system of rules, with Liberty and Justice for some.

If you knew how routinely it is marketed, and understood the full extent of it, you would be surprised and angry at the cynical injustice of those who consider that only the 'little people' should bear the burdens for their country and the consequences of their actions.
Do What Thou Will Shall Be the Whole of the Law.
And the demimonde of lawyers, banks, and corrupt politicians may have a pre-packaged solution for you, as long as you have the connections and the means to afford it.

There has always been corruption. But it is rarely as routine and systemic as in the last twenty years. It becomes an open secret.

But many ordinary people are so propagandized by clever PR campaigns and energized by prejudice and hatred that they are no longer able to think. Or it becomes too painful.

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