04 October 2012

W. E. Pollock: Faux 2012 Debates In a Very Real World

A bit of a rant, but not misplaced.

I did not watch the US Presidential debate, but from what I hear of it, it does sound like the bread and circuses which I had anticipated that they would be. A real discussion of the real issues might accidently trip over the credibility trap that ensnares both parties.

I am also seeing some sentiment on the extremes, of both right and left, that would favor a continuing harder push in the current direction, that would bring about a social dislocation, and more radical change.

Those on the extremes think that they can ride that change into greater power by undermining democracy, or at least further limiting it. And so from their perspective, there can be no compromise. They do not want any, they would like to see a confrontation, an armageddon of sorts, because it would serve their interests. Or so they think.

Welcome to The Hunger Games.