28 February 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

Intraday commentary on gold and stocks here.

I like the 'risk on/risk off' chart cited there which comes from Barry Ritholtz.

I think it speaks to action in the gold and stock markets.

As for gold and silver, we seem to be getting the post-expiration test of the market which I had suggested we might see.

I am not sure how they will fare vis à vis the sequester. I do think that stocks and the metals may be inversely correlated once again in a risk off environment.

Today I started setting the criteria by which I might take positions in the badly beaten down precious metals mining sector. The funds have been having too much of their own way there, but it does not seem that we are done with that yet. But I have created a short list, and am refining some 'tough' target prices. Obviously that list is evolving with the market and economic outlook. But for now they are below this market.

Bullion is still my preferred vehicle, but I think once we get past whatever big bump in the road is coming, we may see smoother seas more amenable for a longer term chartist such as myself.

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