18 May 2013

Comparison of the 1976 Gold Bull Market and Today

This is making the rounds on twitter.

Please note that I have not yet had the time to check this for accuracy.

I am playing 'nurse' for my wife who has returned from surgery at hospital.

And I am doing a poor job of it, I should say. Or as she says. lol.

Postscript:  First, thanks to all your good wishes.  The similarity of individual people from all over the world never ceases to amaze me.  And when one strikes that chord, we see we are not alone after all.

Secondly, it appears that this comparison is valid.  And thanks to those who went back and compared the data.    I should add that I think we can see similarities in movements like this, a correction in a bull market, a pause before an advance.

I do think however, that extending the similarities over time causes much trouble.  Market movements are influenced by secular events, and there was a great deal going on in the latter part of the 1970's.  While things do 'rhyme' the tune these days is being played on a very different set of instruments.

And I also believe that this is no natural correction, but a manipulation of markets in the midst of a 'currency war.'