03 June 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Fraud Will Continue Until Confidence Improves

Intraday commentary here:  Chasing Madoff, Chasing Metals.

The ISM Manufacturing number was grimly low this morning.  There will be more economic data coming out all week.

Benny and crew are reflating the stock and bond bubbles to bolster the bad debt in the financial sector, and to replenish the pension funds, which are heavily invested.  Most of the money being created is getting put in the pockets of the one percent, and little enough is reaching the real economy. 

The Fed may make their noises about tapering and so forth. The Fed and government may put out propaganda about a broad and sustainable recovery. And the Congress can make their show piece hearings about reform and justice.

It is not happening. 

Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday.  I would not even hazard a guess on which way they might spin this one.

On the first business day of June the US Mint reportedly sold 583,500 silver eagles. Dave from Denver says that this is 20% of last June's total sales.

I almost do not expect for gold and silver to break out until there is a failure to deliver.  The western central banks seem desperate to control the physical offtake of bullion versus financialization.

I am trying to prepare myself to see some remarkable things.  But this makes forecasting quite difficult.  So risk management is hard to accomplish, except for the longer term.  I cannot believe these jokers and what they are doing.

Stocks and bonds seem to be part of the endgame.   Keep your eyes open, and back against the wall. lol.