11 June 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Is There a Run on JPM's Gold Vault, and Why?

Waiting for this economic recovery is like Waiting For Godot.

Wall Street is Pozzo and Bernanke is Lucky.

Harvey Organ provides the following commentary tonight:
"However the big news was the huge drop in JPMorgan's customer account by a whopping 217,844.96 oz. Its customer inventory rests tonight at its nadir of 136,380.611 oz or 4.24 tonnes. Its dealer inventory remains at 413,526.284 oz. but it still must settle upon contracts issued in the June delivery month which far exceeds its inventory."
Zerohedge comments: JPM's Vault Gold Drops 28.4% Overnight, Slides to Record Low

In the meantime the precious metals keep coiling, coiling, coiling...

The chart below is from Mike Kosares: The Connection Between Quantitative Easing and Gold

and from Gene Arensberg...