13 June 2013

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Watch for Price Shoving After Europe Goes to Bed Tomorrow

FOMC next week.

A late day rally in the metals and stocks was caused by a Fed mouthpiece implying that they would not be ending QE anytime soon, taper or not.

Until the FOMC meeting confirms this, or not, then it will largely be a technical trade.

Lately the wiseguys have been hitting the metals on the Comex after Europe goes to bed.

Let's see if that still works, or if it has become a crowded trade.

I see where John Hathaway says that Gold Will Shock World With $1,000 Rapid Advance.  Shut up!

It would certainly be a topic of conversation to say the least.  Stranger things have happened. Bill Clinton was just named 'Father of the Year.'   You can't make this stuff up.