08 July 2013

Credibility Trap: When Only Comedy Can Dare Speak the Truth

Here is a link to the entire show from which this clip has been excerpted.

The credibility trap is a means by which the perpetrators co-opt, and essentially attempt to hold to blackmail, the entire power structure of the status quo. Note too how the CEO defense and other gross generalizations of culpability and the law are such an instrumental part of the aftermath of this type of widespread corruption.

These financial con men do not rely on loyalty, trust, and the truth, because they have no part of it. Instead they use deception, threats and blackmail to achieve their ends, always, no matter in what patriotic or ideological wrappers they may seek to cloak their perfidious means.

As a bonus, here is a clip of Russell Brand completely unhinging the spokesmodels and poseurs on MSNBC. I found it to be almost embarrassingly hilarious. These consider themselves to be serious  journalists of the highest order, and look down upon those who struggle on in bringing truth to light without the high pay and reassuring cocoon of corporate sponsorship.